South America, here we come!

It’s been our dream to ride our bicycles south from Anchorage, Alaska to Columbia (~6000 miles) to raise money for charity, and to challenge ourselves both physically and mentally. We have selected the HERS Breast Cancer Foundation, an organization in California that supports all women healing from breast cancer by providing post-surgical products and services regardless of financial status.

You can join us on this journey by following this website. Please contact us if you feel like joining this trip at any point; its always great to have extra company!

All Great Things Must Come to an End

Another great story in the Fremont Patch! We are so appreciative of the many people and publications who helped us publicize our journey and the good work of the HERS Breast Cancer Foundation. Thank you for helping us get the word out!

The end of an amazing and enlightening journey

Memories and friends were made that will remain with me forever.

Thank you Lauren Cahn, Karen Jackson, Lisa Stambaugh, Veronica Olah, Anni Barrera, everyone at HBCF, and all of you that have followed and supported us and our cause!

Read Lauren Cahn’s latest Bicycle Diaries installment in the Huffington Post: The Bicycle Diaries, Part 3: Change of Course

One chapter ends, another begins…

After 4+ unbelievable months on the road, we are back home in Alaska.

Those who have been following our adventures will remember that in late November, our journey south came to an end, in Mexico. At that time, Jesse joined a boat crew to travel north, and I jumped back in the saddle to travel east on my bike, with a target of Florida. Shortly after that, my father came from Alaska to join me, and we put in some amazing miles together as we headed through Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. However… he did not have any cycling equipment, so we had to get him outfitted with a bike, riding clothes and equipment, and he really stepped up to the challenge.

Unfortunately, our trip was cut short by a knee injury, and despite wanting to continue, our family doctor advised cutting the trip short in favor of recovery. As part of the happy ending to this incredible journey, we traveled back to Alaska to surprise my  mother on Christmas Eve!

I’m now back to work at my job in Alaska, and readjusting to life off of the bike. I’m really looking forward to visiting my friends at the HERS Breast Cancer Foundation in April, when my mother and I will be traveling to join them at their annual People with Purpose event. Thanks again to all of our readers and followers for your amazing support during this journey.

Looking back on the road we traveled

lookingn back

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Coffee Break

le union

Nice little Coffee break before reaching El Paso. … [Continue reading]

Surf’s Up!


Found this surfboard on the side of the road, my dad was considering rigging it up to his bike because we had a amazing tailwind. I talked him out of it luckily! 123 miles today, with a tailwind all the way! … [Continue reading]

Hellooo New Mexico!

new mexico

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Dad on the Road


My dad busted out 83 miles today!! He is going to be soooo sore tomorrow. … [Continue reading]

Cruising through Arizona


In Globe, AZ a large copper mining town! … [Continue reading]

Dad is here!


Welcome my dad Buck Walsky to the bicycle team! … [Continue reading]

Checking into Phoenix

phoenix 3

After 3.5 days and 374 miles, I'm now in Phoenix! Luxurious living while waiting for my dad's arrival here in Phoenix. … [Continue reading]

Fremont Patch

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