Top 10 Best Hybrid Bikes 2017

A hybrid bike is a mix of three different types of bicycle – road, touring and mountain bikes. Hybrids take the characteristics of these three types of bike and combine them in one. The main features to take note of when purchasing a hybrid or bike in general are the tire types, gear system and heaviness of the frame. The two main mechanisms of gears are derailleur and hub gears, each having certain benefits and pitfalls.

Derailleur gears (external gearing) are where the gears are visible on the outside, and hub gears (internal gearing) are where the gears are hidden inside the wheel hub. Hybrid bikes usually utilize crossover gearing, a type of derailleur gearing system, the advantages of which are that a wider range of gears are typically available. However this type of gear system usually results in a duplication of gear ratios. It is sometimes possible to combine the two categories of gear systems. With regard to the bike tire there are two main criteria to bear in mind. The Bike tire size refers to the outer tire diameter and tire width. On mountain bikes this can be found on the tire sidewall. A Cross-Country bike will have tires typically in the range of 1.9″ to 2.25″ width.

Top 10 Best Hybrid Bikes 2017

Racing tires will be denoted with two numbers, such as 700×23, the first number referring to the outer diameter in millimeters and the second referring to the tire width in millimeters. The Bike thread is a trade off between speed and grip, with more thread resulting in more grip but less speed. The four main types of tire threads are slick bike tires, semi-slick bike tires, inverted thread bike tires and knobbly tires. Knobblies have the most grip, with slicks having barely any. There are also a number of different bike tire features. Foldable bike tires are easy to transport and usually have an aramid fiber bead.

The popularity of tubeless bike tires is also on the rise, but comes with the disadvantage that fixing a tubeless flat tire can be difficult. Studded bike tires can provide additional traction on the road and puncture resistant tires are also available which can come in useful on rougher terrain. Another important feature is the bike tire thread count casing. The more thread per inch (TPI)the more grip the tire will have on the surface, and thus the safer it will be. Higher thread counts also mean a more comfortable bike ride. Thread counts start at 60 Threads per inch.

Within the category of hybrid bikes are a number of sub-categories. Depending on the purpose of the hybrid, different characteristics will be taken from each type of bike. One popular type of subcategory is the Cross Bike. The Cross bike typically features a frame similar to a racing bike, with flat handlebars and wide semi-treaded tires. The cross bike is intended mainly for recreational use. Another subcategory of hybrid bike is the city bike, used, as the name suggests, mainly in urban regions.

This hybrid has it’s origins in the mountain bike, with large wheels, wide tires, an upright seating position and a solid aluminum frame. An alternative subcategory of hybrid is the commuter bike, the main function of which is to travel over short distances. A standard commuter bike will usually feature front and rear lights, derailleur gearing, a carrier rack and light tires. Below is a list of the 10 best hybrid bikes.

Schwinn Best Men’s Hybrid Bike Discover 21-speed

Schwinn Best Men's Hybrid Bike Discover 21-speedAn excellent hybrid bike from the popular Schwinn brand. This bike features an aluminum frame, 700 C wheels, a 21-speed SRAM grip shifter , Promax linear pull brakes, a rear gear carrier and upright handlebar. It also features a Schwinn suspension fork to absorb road shock, and is incredibly light.

The bike size dimensions are 31.89 x 7.48 x 53.94 inches, thus it is more suited to taller as opposed to shorter individuals. It has a rear rack to carry groceries and a Schwinn alloy crank. The is a road bike typically made for urban riding and comes equipped with a Shimano rear derailleur gear system. Comes with fenders, a large seat, an easy to use handgrip shifters and is great value for money, it tops the list as the best hybrid bike.

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Northwoods Hybrid Bicycle Springdale 21-Speed (Women)

Northwoods Hybrid Bicycle Springdale 21-Speed (Women)A womens hybrid commuter bike with 700C wheels and an upright riding position. The benefits of this bike are not only in it’s functionality but also in it’s stylish features and comfortable sitting upright seating. The gears consist of 21 speeds with a Shimano Tourney rear derailleur.

Other features include fenders and rear rack, linear pull brakes and an alloy quick release seat clamp. The linear pull brakes add much to the braking system of all hybrid bikes. With an an ultra light aluminum frame it is a solid hybrid and it’s size comes in at 36 x 25 x 72 inches. This is an ideal bike for casual of light riding in an urban environment, and also comes with a rack which accepts saddle bags easily.

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Schwinn Hybrid Bike Discover Women’s 700C Wheels

Schwinn Hybrid Bike Discover Women's 700C WheelsAnother Schwinn model, this is the women’s counterpart to the above mens bike and entails many similar features. The bikes comes equipped with an aluminum frame and Schwinn suspension fork, rear gear carrier and upright handlebar. The frame of the bike is again designed for urban cycling, and the Schwinn suspension helps to deal with any potholes or speed bumps on the road. The Shimano twist shifters feature up to 21 speeds and Shimano gear derailleur.

Other notable features include the useful rear liner pull brakes and the schwinn alloy crank. Product dimensions are 31.89 x 7.48 x 53.94 inches, with a wheel width of 700C and a bike size of 28 inches. It also comes with a fender and rear gear carrier. It is also reported to be a perfect height, look and weight. While mainly used in urban areas it is flexible enough to go for standard road travel – One of the main benefits of a hybrid bike.

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Vilano Hybrid Bike 21 Speed Diverse 1.0 Performance

Vilano Hybrid Bike 21 Speed Diverse 1.0 PerformanceA sturdy, strong bike perfect for the road. This bike leans more towards functionality and safety than style and comfort. This bike comes with Alloy linear pull cantilever V-brakes, 700C tires, flat handlebars and an 6061 Aluminum Performance Hybrid Frame. The bike dimensions are 8 x 29 x 54 inches and it weighs in at 26 pounds.

It boasts both a front & rear Derailleur gear system with 21 different speeds. It should be noted that this bike comes without fenders or a kick stand and that the handlebars are somewhat difficult to adjust. A definite safe and functional bike giving good value for money without extra features included.

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Schwinn Hybrid Bike Wayfarer for Men

Schwinn Hybrid Bike Wayfarer for MenYet another Schwinn entry on the list. This hybrid comes with a Schwinn rear derailleur and a seven speed gear shifter. The bike dimensions are 43 x 25.5 x 70 inches with 700 C tires. This hybrid is particularly easy to assemble and is perfect for taller cyclists. It is a great bike for road and urban but is not ideally suited to mountain cycling.

A mountain based hybrid would be more suitable for this type of cycling. The bike has a nice look and delivers fantastic value for money. The V brakes are renowned for their reliability and stopping power and it comes with a rear bike rack, chain guard, reflectors and fenders. A smooth, light and sharp looking bike ideal for city cycling with lifetime warranty and alloy front and rear brakes. Comes with steel frame and rim brakes.

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Kent Men’s Hybrid Bike Avondale 700 C

Kent Men's Hybrid Bike Avondale 700 CThis hybrid provides an excellent blend of the comfort, style, and function triangle. The braking system is the top of the range V brakes with a Sure Stop One lever Anti-lock Braking System built in. It comes with a seven gear shift Shimano tourney rear derailleur. The hybrid frame consists of 6061 aluminum and the tires are the standard 700 C. It comes with over 21 gear speeds and the bicycle dimensions are 54 x 30 x 8 inches.

The frame of this bike is quite large and the seat is a little small but aside from these two minor points this is a fantastic bike at great value for money, with a very intelligently designed one stop brake system. The one stop brake system feature is designed such that the bike comes to a swift halt in case something comes across the cyclists path. Does not come with rear tire carrier, fenders or reflectors. This hybrid is light and relatively easy to assemble, suited more to smooth paths than rough mountain climbs.

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Schwinn Capital Hybrid BIKE 700c Men

Schwinn Capital Hybrid BIKE 700c MenThis bike comes in slightly more expensive than the others, but also comes with nice additional features absent from a lot of others bikes on the list. This hybrid comes with the typical Schwinn suspension fork to absorb any unwanted shocks from uneven terrain. It features a 7 gear shift and 21 different speed settings, with product dimensions of 70 x 25.5 x 70 inches and an aluminum frame.

This is a medium sized bike not suited to taller cyclists. One of the better features of this hybrid are the deluxe handlebar grips, allen nuts on the rear tire and a quick detach front wheel. It also comes with a derailleur gear system. This is a rare type of hybrid that is suited for both mountain and urban cycling, and is a beautifully designed model. This bike is lightweight, comfortable, versatile, safe, strong, functional and elegantly designed. It ticks all the boxes.

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Giordano Best Hybrid Bike RS700

Giordano Best Hybrid Bike RS700This hybrid is mainly a road bike with wide threaded tires. It comes with Shimano shift 21 speed gears in a the external derailleur system. Definitely a functional bike more suited to taller cyclists. This bike is easy to assemble and comes with a large frame. For a road bike it looks quite tasteful and also has rides quietly with none of the loud chain rustling or clunky gear changing often associated with road and mountain bikes.

It also comes with a quick release front tire which is a useful and often overlooked feature of hybrids. Comes with an aluminum frame, 700 C wheels and bike dimensions are 44 x 19 x 67 inches with a height of 72 centimeters. A good quality road bike, the only downside is that the brakes are a little loud, which contrasts with the surprisingly noiseless gear system.

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Diamondback Hybrid Bike Women’s Bicycles Performance

Diamondback Hybrid Bike Women's Bicycles PerformanceThe most expensive entry on the top ten list thus far, and with good reason. Easy to assemble, looks elegant, light and moves fast. Comes with 21 different gear settings and the standard 700 C tires.

This bike is stylish and is also well suited to mountain and road terrain. Comes with an aluminum frame. While a good bike for mountain excursion comes without fenders, reflectors and back rack. This bike rides seamlessly and smoothly. It comes with large tires and is definitely more suited to taller cyclists.

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Best Roadmaster Men’s Hybrid Bike 700c

Best Roadmaster Men's Hybrid Bike 700cOn the list for sheer value for money, a great bike at it’s price. While it does not quite have the same gear or braking systems mentioned in the above models it is a reliable and functional road bike with large tires and a strong aluminum frame. The bike is quite heavy at almost 30 pounds and the gears shift q10 of the best hyuite well. Only takes 10 minutes to assemble as opposed to up to an hour for most of the other models listed.

The handlebars are slightly out of reach but other than that the bike functions well and does what it’s supposed to do without any fancy extra features. It’s light, fast and inexpensive and best of all durable. Most of the equivalent bikes for the same price fall apart shortly after purchase. This will last for years while also offering a comfortable ride. A good beginner bike suitable for medium or tall cyclists and ideal for road cycling. The seat is quite tough to sit on, but aside from that a bargain.

A hybrid bike can be a great investment, and above are the 10 best hybrid bikes available for purchase. There are many things to consider when choosing which bicycle to buy, and a hybrid bike can be an excellent alternative to the conventional bicycle, combining features from different types of bike.

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